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Welcome to the official Netkiosk website. If you are here because you simply want to restrict access to just one or more websites, or so called kiosk mode, and also lock down the PC, I am sure I will be able to help you. If you take a few minutes to read our website you may find that we may have the ideal solution for you. Since 2011 our objective has always been to try to eliminate some of the IT headaches you may have. If you have any questions you can personally contact me at any time.

Mr. Aime Snijders
Aime Snijders – Netkiosk CEO

Sometimes you want to be able to lock down and secure a PC without having to go through complex PC settings changes. You most definitely do not want to have to start changing Windows settings. With kiosk software from Netkiosk you will get your PC up and running into secure kiosk mode in minutes. Netkiosk works on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, NT, and IoT.

We have developed a simple effective standalone program that turns any Windows device into a kiosk device without effecting Windows. We have made sure that the settings are kept as simple as possible, so anyone with basic PC knowledge can install and administer Netkiosk.

Windows 10 kiosk mode made simple.

Microsoft Windows has a lot of extra features built-in to allow you to tinker with it to your hearts content. However, some of these, like the Windows registry, should only be changed if you know what you are doing. You simply want to lock down your PC and run a secure kiosk browser and you have no time or interest to start messing with Windows settings. This is where we have done all the hard work for you. We have simplified Windows 10 lockdown mode, all within one easy to manage standalone program, without effecting your Windows operating system.

Our in depth knowledge of Windows has allowed us to make a program that works hand in hand with Windows and does the complicated bits for you without thinking. When you start your car are you really interested in how the engine works? Netkiosk is just like a car engine. You start it, it works and you forget about it.

Although you can run Windows 10 in kiosk mode this does not give you a secure and flexible kiosk browser. Netkiosk runs a secure kiosk browser that is easy to configure with multiple layout options to allow it to run on any hardware.

Tamper proof Windows 10 kiosk mode.

You do not have to worry that users can bypass Netkiosk kiosk mode. Over the past 11 years customer input has allowed us to improve Netkiosk and close any loopholes. This makes Netkiosk virtually impossible to bypass. It really is as simple as that.

When you run Netkiosk the PC is instantly locked into kiosk mode and when you close Netkiosk via the secure admin panel the PC is instantly unlocked back to normal Windows mode. There is really nothing more to it.

kiosk software for any location

Building kiosk software since 2011.

At Netkiosk we have specialized in designing and building kiosk and PC lock down software since 2011. During this time we have developed kiosk software solutions for Government departments and businesses that they can depend on 24/7/365.

Some general kiosk mode questions.

Is Netkiosk easy to install?
Yes. Netkiosk only takes a few minutes to install.

Do I need special IT skills to turn Windows into kiosk mode?
No. Netkiosk has the kiosk lockdown functions built-in.

Does Netkiosk change my Windows OS? No.
Netkiosk is a standalone program. No Windows settings are affected.

What Windows version does Netkiosk work on?
Netkiosk works on any Windows version from XP (SP3) onwards

What kiosk browser does Netkiosk use?
Our custom Chromium browser.

Does Netkiosk work on touch screen devices?
Yes. Netkiosk is fully touch screen compatible.

Does Netkiosk support custom touch screen keyboards?
Yes. You can use the Netkiosk OSK, Windows OSK or your own OSK.

If I uninstall Netkiosk do I need to reset my PC?
Absolutely not. You can uninstall Netkiosk in seconds.

Demo, screenshots, setup and configuration. More here

Use Netkiosk fully licensed for 30 days. More here

Netkiosk demo screen video. Step by step admin configuration.

Get Netkiosk

Use Netkiosk fully licensed for 30 days.

More here

Netkiosk features.

The following only applies after you have started Netkiosk, and when Netkiosk runs. When admin closes Netkiosk the PC is unlocked instantly back to the normal Windows desktop, and all this at the click of a button. Admin can change the layout via secure admin panel. You can decide in what layout you want to start Netkiosk. To get Netkiosk up and running only takes a few minutes. And settings are easy to change.


Fully tabbed kiosk browser.
Interactive display kiosk mode.
Custom bookmark menu.
Floating user control panel.
Multiple OSK options.
Multilingual touchscreen keyboard.

Kiosk mode security.

Secure admin settings panel.
Easy to configure white list.
Flexible idle time reset timer.
All downloading is blocked.
Access to programs is blocked.
Integrated virus protection.

Integrated PC lockdown.

Instant PC kiosk mode lockdown.
Instant PC kiosk mode unlock.
Access to task manager is blocked.
System keyboard keys are blocked.
Access to system files is blocked.
Secure flexible settings file.

Demo, screenshots, setup and configuration. More here

Use Netkiosk fully licensed for 30 days. More here

Kiosk software to suit any location

Tabbed kiosk browser

Netkiosk starts by default using a fully tabbed secure kiosk browser. Users can open multiple tabs, yet can only browse to the websites you have allowed in admin panel. You can use the built-in white list and content filters to decide which websites users can access. You can set to start Netkiosk in interactive display kiosk mode.


Interactive display kiosk.

The interactive display kiosk mode is a full screen layout without any menu bars. You can give access to a floating panel or the touch screen keyboard. This specific layout is ideal for use on touch screen devices where you simply want to display one website or on interactive display units. In admin panel you can switch layout instantly.


Approved by national security agencies and Governments.

kiosk software for any location

Approved by national security agencies and Governments.

Netkiosk has been approved by several Governments to be used as support and security software during elections and in key Government locations. Netkiosk is also in use in critical locations where security and reliability are a must. With Netkiosk customers know they have total peace of mind. Not just for today, but long term.


Netkiosk at Elections.

Spanish National Elections. 2015.
Custom Netkiosk solution on 4000 devices.

Elections Ontario Canada. 2018.
Custom Netkiosk solution on 25000 devices.

Elections Canada Saskatchewan 2020.
Custom Netkiosk solution on 2000 PCs.

Netkiosk kiosk software customers

Kiosk software for any location

Netkiosk can by used in any location where you want to restrict user access and give access to one or more websites in a secure easy to manage kiosk environment.

Use Netkiosk fully licensed for 30 days.

More here

Other kiosk software solutions offered by Netkiosk

Netkiosk & Visual Studio

Other Netkiosk solutions.

Some of our other kiosk applications are Netkiosk Desktop Lock. A custom kiosk application that allows you to control program access in secure kiosk mode. You can take a closer look at Netkiosk DTL here. Our Android App is called Netkiosk Parva. If you want to learn more about Netkiosk Parva please contact us.

Netkiosk & Visual Studio

Kiosk software customization.

We can customize our ready to use Apps. We can add or remove features or add or remove options. This allows you to get your own custom kiosk App. We also build complete custom kiosk software or PC lockdown solutions for you.

Netkiosk & Visual Studio

Custom kiosk software solutions.

We also have developed remote kiosk access solutions that work in conjunction with custom php webpages to remotely control devices. Tracking, disabling or wiping devices is possible. Please contact us if you are interested to know more about these.

Our brand new dedicated kiosk software classifieds directory.

Finding kiosk software and kiosk hardware made simpler. Kiosk classifieds directory.

We know you don’t have all day to browse Google to look for the right kiosk software or kiosk hardware. That is why we have now also added a free kiosk software, kiosk hardware and related services classifieds section. All listings are free, and although it is in it’s early stages any company can add their own listing for free. We hope that our dedicated kiosk software and kiosk hardware classifieds section will be used by businesses, so that you will be able to refer back to if at any time in the future for quick reference. If our classifieds section is successful we will add separate country sections to make it easier to use.

About us

About us.

Netkiosk was founded in 2011 in the UK by Mr. Aime Snijders. Aime was born in the Netherlands, and as you can guess is Dutch. From the start the aim was to make simple, yet powerful and reliable kiosk software that can be used in any environment. Removing IT headaches and creating peace of mind is what Netkiosk is all about.

Since 2011 customer driven innovations has helped Netkiosk to become one of the most reliable, secure, and trusted security and lock down software solutions. Constant improvements, clever innovations and valuable customer input, allow us to keep Netkiosk current and reliable.
This ensures that Netkiosk will work in any possible kiosk environment.


If you still have questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Although we have worked hard to make sure that Netkiosk is as complete as possible there may be a scenario where you may want a few changes or extra features. Most of these can be implemented quickly, and if we find they may benefit other customers we will not charge for these. We call this a win-win solution. We can also help you with installation and setup.

Our official sites.

You should always visit our official website for general information, updates, and accurate downloads. Netkiosk is part of the jtmkiosksystems / Netkiosk group which includes and (official sites).

Contact us.

Contact us: (USA – New York) +1 917 267 8926 – (UK – Belfast) +44 2895 81 7310 – Skype: jtmkiosksystems

Aime Snijders

Aime Snijders - Netkiosk founder and CEO
Netkiosk founder and CEO.
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